What are “Exploits”

I found this article on the Malwarebytes Labs website and found it incredibly valuable. I encourage you to click through and see the full piece on their site.


You’ve heard us talk a lot about exploit kits on this site, from newly discovered families of exploits to the rise and fall of their popularity among cybercriminals. But have you ever wondered exactly what they are?

Exploit kits, or EKs, are highly effective methods of delivering malware to your system by exploiting flaws in the programs on your computer. EKs can infect your computer without your knowledge through malicious ads on reputable sites. You don’t even have to open an attachment, go to a bad website, or click on a malicious ad for exploits to do their damage. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at EKs: how they work, why cybercriminals use them, and what the future looks like for this sneaky form of attack.

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