Technology Solutions for Home Users

Technology Solutions for Home Users

Whether you work at home or do “homework”, you can’t afford to be off-line.  You also can’t afford to trust your computers, printers, networks or email set-up to amateurs who don’t know what they’re doing.

Strand Technology’s team is professionally trained.  We’re local and we do almost all of our work on site.  We will respond to your technology service request promptly and will have you up and running quickly.

Quickly and efficiently – that’s how we do our home work.

Home Network

How would you like to share a single Internet connection with all of the computers in your home? How about easily sharing a printer or scanner or files among those systems?   With a wireless home network you can do all that and more.

We have set up hundreds of home networks in the South Bay and we can get you up and running quickly.   And, if you already have a home network but need an upgrade, we’re happy to help with that as well.

Strand Technology makes networks work.

Contact Us today and become part of our client network!

Hardware & Software Troubleshooting & Repair

Having a “computer” issue? Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether the problem is caused by the hardware or the software or the connectivity between the two.

From computers and printers to software and home networks,  we are experts at determining the cause of system problems and the proper ways to correct them.

We do our analysis and most repairs on-site.

Contact Us for convenient troubleshooting and repairs.

Software Installation & Support

If you need help installing or configuring new software or upgrades, we can assist you. From operating systems, to applications,  to Internet browsers and more, we know software and can have you up and running quickly.

Contact Us for all for software support.

Internet and Email Setup & Assistance

Need help with email set-up? Having trouble accessing the Internet?  Thinking about upgrading to a high-speed broadband connection?

We are Internet experts who can help you solve connectivity challenges and show you how to get the most from value from the Internet at the least cost.

Get Connected…Stay Connected

Contact Us for on-site set-up and support.

Virus Protection and Internet Security

If you are lucky, you have only heard about viruses and hacking attacks.   Don’t wait for them to strike you!  We can help you choose the proper protection, install the systems and make sure that you have the security and data that you need.

Better safe than sorry!

Contact us and be secure.

Want to know more about viruses?  Read about them in our FAQ.

Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

The best way to solve a problem is to keep it from happening.   Regularly scheduled on-site cleaning and maintenance of your computers will help to  you stay up and running without interruption.

We’re “housekeeping” for your systems…and much, much more.

Contact us to set up a cleaning and maintenance plan.

Tune Ups

Normal, everyday use can cause your computer to slow down when programs get installed and uninstalled. Loss of power or incorrect shut-downs can cause files to fragment and become un-useable. Computer viruses are becoming rampant and there is always the possibility that one has taken up residence in your machine.

Restore your productivity with this important computer maintenance!

  • Optimize System Resources
  • Remove Unused Programs
  • Remove Unnecessary Temp Files
  • Remove Error-Causing Start-Up Files
  • Install Critical Windows Updates
  • Check for Internet Spyware
  • Determine Status of Anti-Virus Protection

NOTE:Due to the vast number of issues that can cause computer problems, the High-Tech Computer Tune-Up may or may not solve your particular problem.

Contact Us today to .set up an on-site computer tune up