Small Business Services

Technology Services for Small Businesses

Do you have time for “downtime?”   We didn’t think so.

Strand Technology’s strategic approach to office technology installation, maintenance, and repair keeps your business productive and running efficiently.    We’ll take time to understand your business so we can find the right solutions to meet your needs today and tomorrow, from computers and printers to phone systems and Internet security.

We’re local.  We come to you and provide on-site technical support.

Phone Systems

Strand Technology can save you money on your small business phone system.  Period.

And, we can do it while adding features you are not getting with your current provider.  We truly understand VOIP phone systems and will find you the best solution for your business needs.

If you are paying more than $60 a month for your phone system, we need to talk

Whether you are in one location, many locations, or have employees who are remote or mobile,  we have cloud based and on-premise systems that will bring the cost of staying connected down.

Contact us today for a free estimate.  We let the numbers do the talking, and we know you’ll like what they have to say!


Hardware / Software Troubleshooting & Repair

Don’t allow your capital equipment to go unused because it isn’t working properly.  And don’t put up with kludgy software work-arounds.   We will diagnose your hardware and software problems and will provide solutions that will get your business running smoothly and efficiently again.

We provide not only our own expertise, but the backing of the largest computer service franchises in the world, with the resources of over 450 other offices to handle the most difficult problems.

No duct tape required.  Ever.

Contact Us for a viable solution.


Website Design & Hosting

The Internet is no longer a luxury for small businesses – it is a necessity. We can help put your business on the Internet – accessible through computers, tablets and smart phones –  with a professionally designed web site that helps you grow your business.  We’ll do the development and hosting for you.

Then all you’ll need to do is process your new inquiries and sales.

Contact Us  to discuss your options and we’ll start the process right away.

Data Security

If you are lucky, you have only heard about viruses and hacking attacks. They can bring your systems down, distract your employees, hurt your company’s reputation.  And, when a hard drive crashes or files become corrupted, your productivity is halted.

Crossing Your Fingers Doesn’t Usually Help

Security software, virus protection, and data redundancy are really the only way to assure that your data is safe from intrusion or hardware/software meltdown.

Strand Technology will create a data security strategy for you that includes virus protection, Internet security, and automated back-up and restore capabilities.

We’re pretty sure you’ve got better things to do with your fingers.

Contact Us for security and back-up solutions.

Computers, Printers, & Other Hardware

If your company is growing or your are simply in need of updating your office equipment, Strand Technology is here to assure that your transition goes smoothly, with minimum impact on your business.

We will take the time to truly understand your requirements and will deliver a strategic solution that fits your needs and your budget.

From new computers, printers, and  scanners to projection systems and phone systems, we know the vendors and understand the options.  We’ll arrange for delivery and installation, and training if necessary, so that you get the most from your equipment in the least amount of time.   And, our maintenance plans will assure that your equipment runs well throughout it’s lifecycle.

Contact Us for all your hardware needs.

Networking & Internet Access

Strand Technology provides complete solutions for wired and wireless networking.  Whether you are connecting computers to printers and other office equipment, or providing users access to the Internet, we have the know-how to get the job done right.

But installing a business network is only the beginning of our support.  We will work with you to inure that the network continues to function properly and provides the rapid response time that you need.

We’re here to get you connected…and keep you connected.

Contact Us for network set-up and support.


Not only can we help you with the proper installation of software products and upgrades, be we can also give you unbiased recommendations and help you choose the correct solutions for your business.

From operating systems to web browsers to virus protection and beyond, we can simplify the process.

Contact Us to discuss software solutions for your business.



A proper e-mail set up keeps communication current among employees and between your company and your suppliers.  And, more and more, e-mail is the communication tool of choice of your customers as well.

We’ll implement a solution that assures you have virtually uninterrupted e-mail service 24/7, and we’ll make it easy to add or remove e-mail accounts as your company changes.

Neither snow nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom will keep you from delivering the e-mail.

Contact Us today to discuss e-mail set-up.

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance and Support for Small Business

We offer maintenance plans tailored to your particular needs.

We specialize in best-practices  that are customized to your business uptime requirements.

How trouble free do you want to be?

Contact Us to discuss your options.


Tune Ups

Normal, everyday use can cause your computers to slow down. Loss of power or incorrect shut-downs can cause files to fragment and become un-useable. Computer viruses are rampant and there is always the possibility that one has taken up residence in your machines.

Restore your office productivity!

  • Optimize System Resources
  • Remove Unused Programs
  • Remove Unnecessary Temp Files
  • Remove Error-Causing Start-Up Files
  • Install Critical Windows Updates
  • Check for Internet Spyware
  • Determine Status of Anti-Virus Protection

Contact Us today to set up an appointment for an on-site tune up.

NOTE:Due to the vast number of issues that can cause computer problems, the High-Tech Computer Tune-Up may or may not solve your particular problem.